HRCI Brand

HRCI has launched a new brand identity to reinforce our commitment to advancing the HR profession. A strong brand helps us be clear about who we are and what we do differently. It helps us stand out in a crowded marketplace and helps people more easily recognize and ultimately choose HRCI certifications and offerings over other potential options.

Our old look and feel and how we talked about ourselves, our certificants and our partners did not effectively communicate the HRCI of today. Also, while our certifications are widely valued, they were not always connected to HRCI. It was time to build a truly unique identity that would help to more clearly connect the individual certifications to HRCI and reinforce our commitment to advancing the HR profession. And, as HRCI expands more globally, it is increasingly important to reinforce our diversity and energy, something the new bold and dynamic color palette helps us to do.

HRCI's new brand positioning is, in many ways, not new at all. It simply affirms our longstanding passion for doing what's best for the industry and our certificants. Together with our certificants and partners, we set the standard for HR certifications.

The positioning also communicates that being part of the HRCI community provides HR professionals with prestige, recognition and respect. And finally, it reiterates that everything HRCI does - from its certifications to how it conducts itself - is of the highest quality, professionalism and integrity.

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