Why Choose HRCI

Why Support HRCI In Your Company

Today's business leaders need top-notch HR professionals - those who can lead complex organizations, anticipate changing workforce demands and add organizational value. For 50 years, the world's HR professionals have turned to HRCI to earn credentials that demonstrate mastery for the HR skills and knowledge necessary to drive business results.

Certifications That Help HR Lead Business

HR professionals aren't the only ones who benefit from earning HRCI credentials. The power of HRCI certification grows - and can add value to your organization - with each credentialed HR professional an organization add to the HR team!

New research, Emerging Evidence: Business Performance and the Validation of HR Best Practices, finds that companies with more than five HR professional with HRCI credentials outperformed other companies with:

  • Stronger stock market performance.
  • Faster revenue growth.
  • Better employer branding ratings on Glassdoor.

HRCI certification is a win-win for HR professionals and the organizations they serve.

Dedication to Continuous Learning

HRCI certification is also a sustainable investment. HRCI-certified professionals are dedicated to continuous learning as workplaces and organizations evolve. Active HRCI certification holders pledge to operate by a code of conduct, and are required to maintain their credentials through continuing education.

It's why HRCI-certified leaders are the most respected HR generalists in the field. By earning HRCI credentials, they have rigorously demonstrated HR knowledge and practice-based experience. HRCI certification holders maintain this edge by renewing their certifications every three years through pre-approved continuous learning programs.

Through HRCI certification and meeting requirements for recertification, business leaders can be sure that their HR leaders stay on top of the latest trends in this evolving discipline. With HRCI, HR leads business.