HRCI Champion Profile: Juan Paolo Arao, GPHR

Juan Paolo Arao, GPHR, is a talent and organizational development consultant working with international organizations to continually improve best practices in people, organizational culture, talent development, and performance management. 

How did HRCI certification help you or inspire you? HRCI certification opened doors to greater opportunities for me, particularly in global HR consulting. Passing HRCI certification validates that my HR experience, knowledge, and skills are globally aligned with international standards in human resource management. 

What is the greatest benefit of HRCI certification? The greatest benefit of HRCI certification is gaining credibility and global recognition as an HR professional. 

What advice would you give to future HRCI certification holders? The practice and evaluation of people/human capital management are already standardized, hence, all HR practitioners, consultants, and, more importantly, educators teaching human resource management must possess up-to-date knowledge of global standards in people management. The best way to do this is through globally recognized HR credentials through HRCI. 

Who or what has had the biggest impact on your HR career? Holding the GPHR qualification gives me confidence every time I provide consultative advice on matters pertaining to global talent management, strategic HR, global mobility, workplace culture, risk management, and compliance. 

What’s new in your HR career? Any professional achievements? I was appointed as the Philippines' representative to the ISO Technical Committee 260 (ISO TC/260). International Organization of Standardization (ISO)Technical Committee 260 HR Management (TC 260) is the official group dedicated to developing evidence-based HR standards that improve HR management processes and practices, worker experience, and organizational outcomes. TC 260 is comprised of HR experts from around the world who share their knowledge and expertise to develop strategic HR standards that assist organizations in the management of people.   

What are your future goals? My future goal is to actively promote HRCI certifications to the HR community in the Philippines. It is high time that Filipino HR professionals elevate their qualifications, knowledge, and skills in people management aligned with international standards. I believe I can inspire and help Filipino HR professionals.  


What does the future hold for HR? With the newly promulgated global standards in people/human capital management, I see a positive transformation of HR, particularly in shifting toward becoming a profit-centric function rather than an expense that needs to be lowered. In addition, I foresee an increase in organizations getting certified in ISO30414 HR Management - Guidelines for internal and external human capital reporting.