Embargo Countries

A country that is on the U.S. government’s embargo list is one with which the government has partially or completely prohibited trade or any other commercial activity. If you are considering taking one of our exams and are from a country on the U.S. embargo list, we encourage you to learn more about the sanctions programs on the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s website before applying for one of our exams

Complete details and country listing can be found under the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) resource center.

If an individual from one of the embargo countries applies for an exam or for recertification, a message box appears stating: “Under the laws of the United States, the HR Certification Institute may not provide services in some countries. Please contact HR Certification Institute at info@hrci.org regarding your application.

The following are next steps:

  1. The Institute staff will determine with legal counsel if the individual may proceed with the exam application or recertification process.
  2. If the individual is eligible, the Institute will notify the individual via email and will provide any necessary information related to taking the exam and/or recertification.
  3. If the individual is ineligible, the Institute will notify the individual via email.