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February 21

How a Resilient Workforce Is the Key to Surviving 2024

Did you know that loving what you do makes you 3.9x more likely to be highly resilient? As an executive or manager, resilient employees mean more loyalty to your company and less turnover. If you are an individual contributor, imagine loving your job–it is possible!  

During this webinar, learn why resilience should be a top priority. We will discuss the importance of making sure everyone knows the company’s mission and values, why we need to build connection and community, ways to educate and empower your leadership team, and the results of bringing more recognition into your workplace. 

Join Matt Dorius from Motivosity on February 21 at 1 p.m. ET. This webinar has been approved for one (1) HR recertification credit toward any of HRCI’s eight credentials, including SPHR® and PHR®. 

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Guest Speaker


Matt Dorius

CFO, Motivosity

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