Submitting Your Recertification Application

All certifications from HRCI are valid for three years. You are required to recertify every three years to maintain your credential(s).

See Ways to Recertify

Recertification Credits

Recertification credits can be earned through qualified activities and programs. General credit hour and specified credit hour requirements for each credential are outlined in the chart below.

To maintain your certification(s), you must complete and submit 45/60 HR-related credit hours (to include at least one ethics-themed activity).

Additionally, you now have the option to carry-over surplus earned recertification credits. This is an optional program only offered to Active (not suspended) certificants who start to submit their recertification application on and after 1 January 2021. To qualify, the surplus activities/credits must be submitted in addition to the normally required 45 credits aPHR, aPHRi or 60 credits for PHR, PHRi, PHRca, SPHR, SPHRi, or GPHR. 


Getting Started - Your Online Profile

As an HRCI credential holder, you have an online profile on the HRCI website where you can record recertification activities. You are highly encouraged to record activities as you complete them. When you have earned the required 60 hours, you may apply and pay online. HRCI will not review your activities until your application and payment has been received. 

You will be able to submit your recertification application during this 12-month period and retain your credentials by paying a fee of $100 (in addition the regular recertification fee).

It's best to get out of suspended status as soon as possible, so you can begin to use your credential again. HRCI will not be able to verify your credential while it is suspended. Also, any time spent in suspended status cuts into your next recertification cycle and does not change your cycle dates.