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More than ever, leaders of nearly every kind of organization view their human resources teams as essential to institutional well-being and long-term growth and sustainability. That’s the central and animating theme of “The Rise of HR: Wisdom from 73 Thought Leaders,” a new anthology published by the HR Certification Institute in collaboration with Dave Ulrich, Rensis Likert Professor of Business, University of Michigan and Partner and Co-founder of The RBL Group, Bill Schiemann, CEO, Metrus Group, Inc. and Libby Sartain, Business Advisor, Board Member and Volunteer. In the eBook, the essayists address how increasing numbers of HR professionals are – and should be – the principal stewards of their organizations’ talent by recruiting and cultivating workers with competence and motivation to perform well, by building and maintaining a consistent, lasting and unique culture that enables the organization to thrive and leadership to support the acquisition of skills for meeting short-run goals and delivering long-run stability and growth. Collectively, the essays describe how HR practitioners must live up to and even extend expectations of their profession’s growing and evolving role. They focus on how HR professionals and the tools they use must adapt to shifts in demographics and the impacts of technology on the workplace.

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Contents and Contributors

Context to Strategy

HR’s Role in the Digital Workplace: A Time for Reinvention
JOSH BERSIN, Bersin by Deloitte

The Case for Change Capability: How HR Can Step Up and Stand Out as a Strategic Change Leader
HOLLY BURKETT, Evaluation Works

Environmental Scanning: An Emerging Challenge for HR Professionals
WAYNE F. CASCIO, University of Colorado Denver

Twelve Predictions for a New World
SETH KAHAN, Visionary Leadership

What HR Needs to Do to Help Develop Global Asian Talent
CHEE WEI KWAN, Human Capital Leadership Institute

Ethics: The Price of Admission in High-Performing Organizations

The Reluctant HR Champion?
ROBERT PLOYHART, University of South Carolina

Knowing the Internal and External Public-Sector Environment: Applying HR Competencies for Results
FAGAN STACKHOUSE, Charleston County / NEIL REICHENBERG, International Public Management Association for Human Resources

Context Matters: Building Strategic HR From the Outside In
CHARLES G. THARP, Center On Executive Compensation and HR Policy Association

HR as Orchestra Conductor


The Importance of Culture to Achieving Superior Business Performance: A Leadership Opportunity for HR

The Future of HR Is beyond “HR”
KEN J. CARRIG, Suntrust Bank, and AKI ONOZUKA-EVANS, HR Consultant

HR as Guardian of the Future
LYNDA GRATTON, London Business School

Stop Advising, Start Leading
KRISTI MCFARLAND, New Seasons Market

HR and Transparency
SUE MEISINGER, Columnist, Consultant and Advisor

HR From Around the World…Let’s Unite!

Think Like a Marketer!
LIBBY SARTAIN, Business Advisor, Board Member and Volunteer

CHROs Need to Move From Influencing to Being Actively Engaged in the Business
PADMA THIRUVENGADAM*, Integra Life Sciences

From War for Talent to Victory Through Organization
DAVE ULRICH, University of Michigan and The RBL Group

Winning in the Mobile Internet Era: What Should HR Know and Do to Be Effective?
ARTHUR YEUNG, China Europe International Business School

Talent Supply

HRCI Certification as a Leading Indicator of High-Potential HR Talent
AMY DUFRANE, HR Certification Institute /  IONA HARDING, Harding Resources, LLC

CEOs Want Better Performance. Great Culture Can Make It Happen
CHINA GORMAN, Great Place to Work Institute

Strategic Workforce Planning: Preparing for Today and Tomorrow
CARL RHODES, Human Capital Institute

Wake up, HR! Your Talent Supply Chain Has a Problem
LANCE J. RICHARDS, Global HR Unconferences and Crowd Companies

Driving Time to Value in the Human Age
MARA SWAN, Manpower Group

Talent Optimization

HR as Organizational Leader and Champion of Diversity and Inclusion
ANDY BRANTLEY, College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR)

The HR and CSR Partnership: Talent-Related Benefits for Employee Volunteerism
PAULA CALIGIURI, Northeastern University

Leave No Slice of Genius Behind: Selecting and Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders of Innovation
LINDA A. HILL, Harvard Business School

Finding Our Resilient Center

The Wisdom of Women (and Madonna)
TACY M. BYHAM, Development Dimensions International, Inc. / DEBBIE MCGRATH, HR.com

HR Imperative: Raising the Bar on Engagement
DAVID SHADOVITZ, Human Resources Executive

Engaging White Men to Drive Diversity and Inclusion
CAROLE WATKINS, Cardinal Health, Inc.

Attracting and Retaining Talent Through Differential Treatment
SANDY J. WAYNE, University of Illinois in Chicago

Information & Analytics

HR Analytics and Metrics: Scoring on the Business Scorecard
RICHARD W. BEATTY, University of Michigan

HR’s Role in a World of Pervasive Information
WAYNE BROCKBANK, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

HR Disrupted: The Next Agenda for Delivering Value

Workforce Analytics for Strategy Execution
MARK HUSELID, Northeastern University

Don’t Forget About the Machinery
MARK JAMES, Honeywell

Developing an Evidence-Based HRM Through the Conscientious Reliance on Evidence, Sound Decision Process, and Stakeholders Perspectives
DENISE M. ROUSSEAU, Carnegie Mellon University

Optimizing Talent: HR’s Key Role for Tomorrow

HR Governance

The Future of HR: Will You Be Ready, Willing and Able to Lead?
MARK BLANKENSHIP, Jack in the Box, Inc.

Avoiding the “Profession” Trap by Reaching Out and Retooling HR
JOHN W. BOUDREAU, University of Southern California

The Future of HR: A Context of Change and Opportunity
PETER CHEESE, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

HR Challenges and Solutions for Small, Medium-Sized and Family-Owned Businesses
JORGE JAUREGUI MORALES, World Federation of People Management Organization

HR as the Cultivator of Organizational Paradoxes
DAVID KRYSCYNSKI, Brigham Young University / MICHAEL ULRICH, University of South Carolina

The HR Leadership Diet: Trimming the Fat and Building Up Muscle for a Sustainable Future-Ready Workforce
LOW PECK KEM, Public Service Division, Prime Minister’s Office of Singapore

HR: Think Big and Bold

To Usher in the Age of HR, We Need to Start By Tearing It Apart

Balancing Respect and Opportunity: When Is It Time to Press the Reset Button?

Renaissance HR
ANTHONY NYBERG and MICHAEL ULRICH, University of South Carolina

Hilton Worldwide: CHRO Lessons Learned From Our IPO Journey
MATT SCHUYLER, Hilton Worldwide

What Do HR Departments Need to Know in the Future?
PAUL SPARROW, Lancaster (UK) University Management School

HR Professionals

Developing Human Resource Professionals in India

Always Global, Always Digital

HR as Business Partner
RICHARD L. ANTOINE, AO Consulting and National Academy for Human Resources (NAHR)

Succeeding as a CHRO: Advice From an Observer
FRED K. FOULKES, Boston University

Creativity, Innovation, and Leadership as Key Factors in HR’s Future
PEDRO BORDA HARTMANN, Mexican Association for Human Resources Management (AMEDIHR)

Behavioral Characteristics of Highly Successful HR Leaders: A Subjective View
ALAN R. MAY, Boeing

How Do We Get There From Here?
KATHRYN MCKEE, Human Resources Consortia

Leveraging Employer Branding as a Key Business Strategy
TRESHA MORELAND, Dameron Hospital Association and HR C-Suite

The Status Quo Is Your Biggest Threat

From Banking to Berries: Acquiring Business Knowledge All Over Again to Create Impact
LYNNE OLDHAM, Driscoll’s

How HR Can Get the Squeaks Out of an Organization
GARRY RIDGE, and STAN SEWITCH, WD-40 Corporation

Health and Financial Wellness as Keys to Productivity
DALLAS L. SALISBURY, Employee Benefit Research Institute

Speak the Language!
JILL B. SMART, National Academy of Human Resources (NAHR)

Marketing, Measurement, and Modern HR

Tests and Trials to Certify Human Resources Professionals
PETER WILSON, Australian Human Resource Institute

*Prior to joining Integra, Padma Thiruvengadam was with Pfizer as Vice President, Asia Pacific and Canada Operations for the Oncology Business Unit, where she is primarily responsible for P&Ls, sales force and product performance, as well as Research and Development. Previously she was the Vice President, Business Integration, leading integration activities globally for Pfizer Oncology for the Wyeth merger. Padma first joined Pfizer as Vice President, Human Resources, where she provided overall HR strategic counsel to Pfizer Oncology and worked closely with the President and General Manager of Pfizer Oncology in creating and operationalizing the new “Business Unit.”

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